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Pastel Mermaid Shell Enamel Pin

Pastel Mermaid Shell Enamel Pin

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This shell pin is a great gift for anyone who loves mermaids, or someone who loves jewellery inspired by the magical ocean. The array of beautiful pastel colours will jazz up any boring jacket or bag.

Show your love for mermaids with this gorgeous hard enamel pin. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves mermaids or would just like to buy something cute for themselves.

This pin will bring a splash of colour to your favourite jacket, bag or hat - literally anywhere you see fit. It's perfect if you want to have the whole ocean at your fingertips.

The pin features a beautiful shiny finish with a butterfly clasp on the back to secure your pin and make sure you never lose it.


Width: 2.5cm
Height: 2.5cm
Material: Hard enamel

Care instructions

Hey there, pin-lover! Your enamel sidekicks are all about good vibes and a little TLC 🌈💖

Dusty day? A soft cloth will have them shining pronto. Keep them dry and away from water, so they stay as fresh as a daisy 😎

Follow these tips, and your pins will be looking fabulous all day long! 📌✨


Enamel pins? These little wonders are like wearable pieces of forever. Made with love and built to last, they're the opposite of fast fashion.

And guess what? Enamel pins are all about spreading smiles, not carbon footprints. So, go ahead and rock that eco-flair while looking fabulous. Now that's what we call sustainable swag! 🌈📌🌿


At Sprinkle Club we're on a mission to make the world brighter, one order at a time. That's why every package you receive is wrapped up in eco-friendly materials that can be 100% recycled 🌎💖

Did you spot some plastic bubble wrap in your package? We gather bubble wrap from all over and tossing it out? Not our style. We're all about eco-friendliness, so we're giving this bubbly goodness a second chance to shine in your orders 📦🫧

Can you do us a favour? Keep the cycle going! ♻️ Give it another spin in your world, and let's high-five mother earth together! 🌍🤗


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