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An online news article from 'UK News Group' featuring 'Sprinkle Club', a female-run business with text describing unique, one-of-a-kind mirrors selling fast, surrounded by colourful stationery


Female run business Sprinkle Club offers one-of-a-kind mirrors which are selling fast!

As Christmas approaches and some are already thinking of Valentines, more people are looking for unique gifts for their friends and family that cannot be found on the high street. Online-business Sprinkle Club (based in Wales) is becoming very popular in the lead up to the festive season because of their truly rare and unique designs/products.

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Vibrant, patterned stationery items on a pink background, indicating a range of colourful and fragrant gift options offered by Sprinkle Club

The London Tea

Adorable stationery Christmas gifts for any age

Maybe you're trying to figure out what to give your boss at the office Secret Santa party, or maybe you just want to make sure your cousin who hates everything gets something unique and fun this year (we've all been there). Whatever the case, the Sprinkle Club has got you covered.

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An iMac displaying a webpage from 'Gramersi' featuring 'Sprinkle Club' with a headline about rare, colourful, quirky, female-focused gifts, set against a vibrant orange backdrop


Sprinkle Club: Rare, Colourful, Quirky, Female-Focused Gifts

Sprinkle Club (a Cardiff-based business) are becoming hugely popular in the lead up to the festive season, because of their rare and unique designs and products (which are created by the brand’s Founder, Holly Morgan). Holly researches the hottest trends to find and design the perfect aesthetic, – that can’t be found elsewhere.

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