About us

Step into the world of Sprinkle Club, where vibrant hues and playful designs dance together in a celebration of all things cute and colourful 💁‍♀️💖🌈

Holly, founder of Sprinkle Club, cheerfully holding magenta '21K' balloons to celebrate a follower milestone, with a whimsical background of pastel wavy lines and sparkly accents

Where the story began...

Started in 2017 by the creator, Holly, Sprinkle Club was born out of her quest for distinctive and charming items that were hard to come by.

Faced with the challenge of not finding these treasures, Holly rolled up her sleeves, and Sprinkle Club emerged, offering a delightful array of colourful apparel, stationery, homeware and gifts.

It's more than an online store; it's a curated space inviting you into a universe crafted with love and a sprinkle of confetti 💖

Milestones throughout the years

From our humble beginnings in 2017 to becoming a beloved hub for all things colourful, Sprinkle Club has marked numerous milestones, each a testament to our journey of creativity, growth, and spreading joy 🌈✨

  • December 2017

    On the 13th of December, Holly officially launched Sprinkle Club on Instagram and it was the start of one crazy journey ahead 🌈

  • March 2020

    In the UK lockdown had just started and Holly decided to start a YouTube channel to document the growth of the business and give everyone an insight into the behind the scenes 🎥

  • September 2022

    Holly launched a Halloween collection of two sweatshirts and a glass mug design. Needless to say it was her best product launch to date and she even has a viral video on TikTok! 🎃

Holly from Sprinkle Club in a playful moment with her adorable dachshund, both set against a charming backdrop of black heart-shaped spots

Meet the team

Sprinkle Club is led by the heart and creativity of Holly, our founder and fellow introvert.

Alongside her is Newt, the dachshund extraordinaire, providing copious snuggles. While Holly takes the lead in crafting distinctive treasures, Newt adds a sprinkle of joy.

Together, they embody the essence of Sprinkle Club—a celebration of creativity, fun and colourful designs 💖🐶🌭

Holly, the owner of Sprinkle Club, sitting happily among a pile of neatly packaged orders ready for dispatch in her cosy, pink-themed office

Our mission & values

At Sprinkle Club, we're on a mission to infuse creativity with eco-conscious choices. From swapping single-use plastics for reusables to repurposing materials, sustainability is at our core.

We empower women and provide a space for genuine self-expression. Honesty and transparency guide us, ensuring that every choice we make aligns with our commitment to a brighter, more sustainable, and authentic future 🌿💃✨

What you have to say about us


"Definitely THE most comfiest jumpers I own! Purchased a size up & it’s super cosy. Quality is amazing and fit is really comfortable! :)"

- Chloe


"Wonderful mouse mat, arrived swiftly and well packaged. Great quality and vibrant design."

- Anna


"Love this jumper! As soon as I saw it I knew it would be coming home. The quality of the sweater and print is great and I love the colour combination. Quickly shipped too."

- Abi

Holly from Sprinkle Club sporting a soft pink sweatshirt with a cute cherry design, complemented by her office's pastel decor and organised shelves in the background

Follow our journey

As we continue on this vibrant adventure, we invite you to follow Sprinkle Club's journey. Stay in the loop with our latest creations, eco-friendly initiatives, and behind-the-scenes magic. Whether you're a longtime enthusiast or a new friend, we're thrilled to have you on board.

Connect with us on social media to be part of our colourful community. Follow us on Instagram, TikTok for daily doses of creativity, exclusive updates, and a sprinkle of joy. Your support means the world to us, and we can't wait to share more smiles, stories, and stylish surprises with you 💖