How to buy the perfect father's day gift

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Dads are special. They go through a lot - raising us, supporting us when we face challenges and helping us work through our problems, while often putting aside their own needs. Being a father is a tough job, so it’s important that every once in a while we look up from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and acknowledge everything they do for us. One way to show your appreciation is by putting some thought into buying Dad the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Instead of resorting to the obvious ideas, like cheesy coffee mugs or gift cards, why not think about a unique gift which will surprise him and bring a smile to his face? Show Dad you’ve thought carefully about buying him something special and meaningful which takes into account his personality and interests, like something related to one of his hobbies or something personalised.

If you’re wondering where to start, read on for some tips on buying a unique Father’s Day gift for Dad to show him how much you really care.

Personalised gifts

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When thinking about unique gifts for Dad, consider buying something you can personalise. There are plenty of options for getting personal photos printed onto gift items such as calendars and photo books. Or you could consider getting a gift engraved with your father’s name on it.

Another option for a great Father’s Day gift is to buy something which speaks to his personality and lifestyle. For example, you could buy him a book to help him overcome a particular challenge he’s been facing lately or move toward a specific goal he has; or something to help him with a new job or adventure he’s undertaken.

Personalising gifts in this way shows Dad that you’ve put a lot of thought into finding something unique and meaningful, rather than settling for the easy option of some socks and aftershave. Complimenting a personalised Father’s Day gift with a card that conveys a personal message that fits your relationship will really make him smile.

Dad’s personality

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During your search for a special Father’s Day gift, it’s worth bearing in mind Dad’s personality. Perhaps he’s quiet and reserved and likes time alone with his own thoughts, in which case a book of some kind might be something he’ll appreciate.

Or maybe he’s an extrovert with a great sense of humour who would love something funny and quirky. If so, your Dad would probably appreciate a card with a witty or amusing message.

If he’s the practical type, you could search for useful but unusual tools to make your Dad’s life a little bit easier. Or perhaps he’s quite sentimental, in which case he’ll surely love a present which reminds him of a happy time, place or occasion, such as a framed family photo or a watch like Grandad used to wear. You could partner this with a card that conveys a sentimental message.

Hobbies and interests

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Think about what Dad enjoys doing in his spare time and what his hobbies and interests are, and see if you can find a Father’s Day gift centred around that. This might be a bit tricky if it’s a hobby Dad is very interested and invested in, chances are he’ll already own everything related to it. In this case, the challenge becomes sourcing something that’s different from what he already has.

If he loves playing golf, you could look for some unique golf clubs or something signed related to the sport. You might have to dig a little deeper to find that gem of a gift that he doesn’t already have.

Try something new

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While there’s a lot to be said for incorporating Dad’s personality and interests into the Father’s Day gift you buy him, another option is to give him the opportunity to try something new.

We don’t always know what we want or enjoy, so if Dad is going through a transition stage in his life or you think he needs pushing out of his comfort zone a bit, buying him something like an experience day could really help him gain confidence with trying new things.

Sometimes the most unique Father’s Day gift can be something our Dad’s would never normally think of or buy for themselves.

Think outside the box

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You don’t always have to give Dad a physical present for a Father’s Day gift. Use your imagination and think creatively. You could create your own custom vouchers, promising to give his car a clean, or mow the lawn. These are tasks that he probably hasn’t found time for or is putting off and once complete, will give him a sense of relief. Peace of mind can be one of the best gifts you can give someone.

Some other gift ideas for Dad which aren’t the norm are paying for him to adopt an animal at the local zoo if he’s an animal lover, or subscribing him to a charity membership. It will give him a boost knowing he’s helping to contribute to a good cause.


It can be hard to think of a unique Father’s Day gift, particularly if Dad is one of those people who has everything and anything. Often we resort to standard options like shower gel or pants because we haven’t had the time to think of something different.

If you’re determined to buy Dad something memorable this year, it’s worth planning in advance so you have time to both brainstorm some ideas and go shopping without being in a rush. That way you can think carefully about his interests and personality, and what might surprise him and put a big grin on his face.

Whether you decide on a physical Father’s Day gift or something virtual like a gift experience or charity membership, Dad will be thrilled to know you’ve put so much thought into it. Which will only strengthen the bond you have.

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