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'Pizza makes life better' Pink Organic Cotton Sweatshirt - Women's

'Pizza makes life better' Pink Organic Cotton Sweatshirt - Women's

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There is no better cure for a long day than pizza. This soft and snuggly sweatshirt will remind you of how a slice can make your day a little better.

Product Description

Wear this baby pink snuggly and soft sweatshirt perfect for springtime when you're out with friends or eating at your favourite pizza joint.

Designed for comfort and style, this sweater will make you pizza about your new look. Why? Because it's as soft as pizza dough and as pink as our pepperoni hearts.

The high-quality material gives it a really comfortable feel and makes it perfect for a cool spring day. The sweatshirt features a friendly and upbeat quote saying 'Pizza makes life better'.


Materials: Organic Cotton & Recycled Polyester
Material quality: 350gsm

Care instructions

Pop your sweatshirt in the machine at a gentle 30°, but make sure it's inside out and hanging out with its colour buddies 🧼🫧

No tumble dry shenanigans or dry cleaning adventures, though – let it air dry naturally for that fresh-as-a-daisy vibe 🌸

Your sweatshirt will thank you with extra snuggles and a longer love story! 🌈🌿


Meet your new snuggle buddy – the softest sweatshirt that's got your back and the planet's! 🌍 Crafted from top-notch organic cotton and recycled polyester, it's a double whammy of goodness ♻️

Feel great about what you're wearing, knowing you're wrapped in eco-love from fabric to fashion 🌿✨


At Sprinkle Club we're on a mission to make the world brighter, one order at a time. That's why every package you receive is wrapped up in eco-friendly materials that can be 100% recycled 🌎💖

Did you spot some plastic bubble wrap in your package? We gather bubble wrap from all over and tossing it out? Not our style. We're all about eco-friendliness, so we're giving this bubbly goodness a second chance to shine in your orders 📦🫧

Can you do us a favour? Keep the cycle going! ♻️ Give it another spin in your world, and let's high-five mother earth together! 🌍🤗


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